DC Investment Properties, Wholesale Deals, & Fixer Uppers

DC investment properties, DC wholesale deals, DC fix and flips, DC buy and holds, DC fixer uppers, DC Off-Market deals, and DC condo conversions

Looking for an investment property in DC?

You’ve come to the right place! We are full-time property investors that specialize in finding deeply discounted properties in the DC area… usually at 50-75% off retail value.

With our unique, proprietary marketing methods, we pick up DC investment properties, wholesale deals, fix and flips, buy and holds, fixer uppersOff-Market dealsand condo conversions on a weekly basis. We buy all over Washington, DC and we often buy these properties for ourselves, so you know they’re great deals, but we always pass them along to our preferred buyers list incase anyone would like to buy the deal from us… so make sure to join!

Maryland Off-Market Deals, Fix and Flips, & Buy and Holds

MD investment properties, MD wholesale deals, MD fix and flips, MD buy and holds, MD fixer uppers, MD Off-Market deals

In search of an off-market deal in Maryland?

We can help you there too! We also come across deeply discounted properties in Maryland all the time… usually at 40-70% off retail value.

As mentioned above, we use unique marketing methods which also allow us to bring in Maryland wholesale deals consistently. We buy all over the Maryland area and can be your go to source for any Maryland investment properties, wholesale deals, fixer uppers, buy and holds, turnkeys, etc! So make sure to join our Buyers List to stay up to date with our deals!

Northern Virginia Wholesale Deals, Off-Market Deals, & Fixer Uppers

VA investment properties, VA wholesale deals, VA fix and flips, VA buy and holds, VA fixer uppers, VA Off-Market deals

Are you looking to buy a Northern Virginia investment property?

If you’re looking for a deeply discounted property in the Northern VA area, we’ve got you covered as well! We usually come across properties here ranging between 50-75% off retail value.

Along with DC and Maryland, we are able to bring in Northern Virginia off-market deals, development deals, wholesale deals, fix and flips, buy and holds, and fixer uppers on a consistent basis. We buy all over Northern VA with the intent to keep the deals ourselves, so you know they’re great deals, but we always give our VIP Buyers the opportunity to buy the deal from us… so make sure to join our VIP Buyers list today!

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